PROJECT: Miami beach

Project was carried out with the General Contractor looking to cover the soffits, walls, and garage doors with materials in the same range of colors. We showed him the qualities of Irati Encina, and he decided to use it in all the applications, combining inside and outside with large-format Silk Beige slabs. For the exterior floor, pool copings, and access steps to the house, he used our full-body material which we had fabricated in our factory in Spain, which were delivered to the site ready for installation.

Material: Zemment Steel, Coverlam Irati Encina and Coverlam Silk Beige

Location: Miami Beach (FL)

Application: Stairs, walls, garage door, soffits

Format: Zemment (cut to size), Irati Encina 8x71x1/4”, silk 48x102x1/4”