Porcelain slabs minimum thickness

The porcelain sector had a revolution that began around a decade ago.  In the past only small formats such as 24”x24”, 12”x24” were available in the marketplace. Today, porcelain materials can be manufactured in large-format slabs allowing the porcelain to closely resemble natural stone.

In addition to the large slab format, the material comes as thin as 3.5mm (1/8”) thickness, which allows the material to be used in any type of application such as kitchen countertops, tables, facades, floors, walls, soffits, doors, etc.  This material creates a spacious, luxurious, clean, and exclusive environment that looks and feels like natural stone.

The 3.5mm thickness (1/8”) permit any design to be achieved where both walls and doors are integrated, providing an exclusive, elegant, and modern finish. It is also an ideal material to cover exterior facades, due to its physical qualities that eliminate all fear that inclement weather will alter its appearance.  Porcelain is a perfect worry and maintenance-free material for interior and exterior applications.

Due to its versatility, porcelain can be used indoors and outdoors, in any application in an unmatched range of collections and colors. Porcelain is quickly becoming the most widely used material in projects where elegance, durability, and low maintenance costs are desired.

At Eurocoverings, we have been working with these materials from the moment they were created and have stayed at the forefront of innovation. We are currently distributors of Coverlam, one of the leading companies in the market, whose products stand out in quality of prints, textures, ease of installation, and coordination with “traditional thickness” collections. In addition, we are able to offer coordinated mosaics and non-slip treatments to achieve elegant and uniform aesthetics in all applications.

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